Teacher Grants and Scholarships

Student Activity Scholarship - assists students with curriculum related activities.

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Community Education Grants - awards creative projects that impact learning in schools and community.

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Teacher Supplemental Fund - funds special curriculum needs.

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Barbara Deverick Scholarship - provides professional development for Caldwell County educators.

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Student Grants and Scholarships

Captain James C. Harper Scholarship - college scholarship for students majoring in music. Band Directors nominate.

Mollie Grace Dalton Scholarship - college scholarships for South Caldwell students.  Click here to apply.

Kenneth A. Roberts Scholarship - college-prep scholarship for a rising senior

Marvin Courtney Scholarship - college scholarship for students studying horticulture

Ron and Christine Beane Scholarship - college scholarship for West Caldwell Students

Jack Robbins Scholarship - college scholarship for all high school students.  Click here to apply.

Tom McNeel Teaching Scholarship - for teacher professional development-sponsored by Blue Ridge Energies

Aspiring Students - assists students at Hibriten High School

Austin Roberts Memorial Scholarship - college scholarship for West Caldwell High School ROTC students.  Click here to apply.

Gary and Phyllis Knight Scholarship - college scholarship for West Caldwell and Hibriten students.  Click here to apply.

Patricia Triplett Scholars - college scholarship for high school students with a 4.0 GPA and over.  Click here to apply.

Michael Howell Scholarship - McKinney Vento college scholarship.  Click here to apply.

Connie Patterson Jenkins Scholarship - college scholarship for all high school students.  Click here to apply.

Tyler Sims Memorial Scholarship - college scholarship for Hibriten students

Elizabeth “Lib” Henderson Memorial Scholarship - college scholarship for West Caldwell students

Ed Tutor Scholarship - collaborative baseball scholarship with the Lenoir Rotary Club in memory of Rotarian Ed Tutor


The Tree Scholar - college scholarship for Hibriten students

John Craig Scholarship - music scholarship for West Caldwell student sponsored by the Broyhill Family Foundation

The Bobby Price Memorial Scholarship - scholarship for students living in the Kings Creek area pursing degree of higher learning or a professional certification in the field of agriculture, horticulture, husbandry, firefighting, engineering, nursing or other medical fields.  Click here to apply.

The Brandon E. Church Memorial Scholarship - college scholarship for South Caldwell High School Students.  Click here to apply.

Autism Spectrum Disorder Fund - funds autistic projects in Caldwell County Schools

Janice Smith Memorial Scholarship - college scholarship for Hibriten students

What’s Your Favorite Book - media center grant for Caldwell County Schools Sponsored by Blue Ridge Energies.  Click here to apply.

Wanda Wood Kirby Scholarship - professional development for EC professionals

Kings Creek Endowment - funds music programs at Kings Creek School

Korner Student Exchange Scholarship - funds Hibriten exchange students going abroad