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Lenoir, NC 28645

The Education Foundation is a nonprofit organization that supports high academic achievement and innovation in Caldwell County's public schools. The Foundation promotes cooperation between the schools and the private sector and encourages creativity and excellence in teaching by securing resources to enhance education in a rapidly changing world.

The Foundation is the only nonprofit organization in Caldwell County which exclusively supports public education. The Caldwell County School Systems consists of 26 schools, approximately 1,800 employees and 12,600 students. The county faces many challenges such as maximizing student achievement, providing a healthy and safe environment, and committing to and advancing toward changing technology.


Twenty-two years ago on September 27, 1989, a group of civic-minded individuals had a dream - to begin a foundation. They believed they could make a difference in the lives of students and teachers. And what a difference they have made!

The Education Foundation Inc. of Caldwell County has contributed over 5 million dollars into programs for students and teachers. From large technology and handicapped bus grants to simple kindnesses like taking a child to and from school while a parent received treatment at Baptist Hospital, the Education Foundation has touched the lives of thousands of students in large and small, yet meaningful ways.

The Education Foundation, however, cannot take the credit for its success. Without the past twenty years of support from Caldwell County businesses, corporations, individuals, local foundations, and educators, the Foundation would still be just a dream.

Instead, because so many individuals have made education a priority when giving, students have realized dreams. From college scholarships to student activity funding, the foundation’s goal has been to meet the needs of Caldwell County students and teachers. From supporting the arts through Kaleidoscope to providing construction projects through the Career Center, the Foundation has tackled projects large and small in its efforts to improve the educational and future lives of children in Caldwell County.